To All Artists Out There

The world feels smaller today than it felt in the past. In the past it made sense to sign contracts with record companies for certain countries and give them the rights to distribute the music there. In fact they were the only ones who were able to do that, distribution i mean. Nowadays with iTunes being the biggest music store in the world that doesn´t make any sense anymore. Look at me. Most of the bands I like, but would have never heard of without the internet, seem to not have distribution contracts for germany. Thus it´s impossible for me to buy their music, even though I want to.

In what interest of an artist could it lie not to be able to sell their music to anyone who wants to pay for it? I can´t think of any. But that´s still a widespread reality in the modern music business. To worsen the problem record companies start to limit the possibility to even listen to music unsold in germany by having platforms like YouTube keep visitors from certain countries from watching videos the record company doesn´t want them to watch. One of the most restrictive companies out there is Sony Music.

Sony Music makes YouTube almost unusable for me. Right, that might have to do with my musical taste. I don´t consume Bohlen and his derivatives. But would any of the artists I like to listen to prefer not to have me do it? For sure not. Dear artists. Stay away from signing contracts that make you slaves of the rights industry. Stay free and sell your music to anyone you like to sell it to! And, to start with small steps, don´t sign Sony!

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