Why blog?

Once upon a time, though only two years ago, I decided that blogging would be an enrichment to my life. I thought there´d be things I needed to talk about, but didn´t know to whom I could be that frank. So the public seemed the right audience, as open as can be, but at the same time also as private as can be. Noone that didn´t know me would even think about searching my thoughts on the web. Many that didn´t know me would stumble across these thoughts and they did.

So what happened was me sharing my thoughts with the unknown readers while the real world around me kept floating without taking notice of my kind of undercover mission on the web. That´s what I expected, wanted and still appreciate. But there´s one thing that has changed fundamentally. In the beginning I was searching for a place to express myself. Now that I´ve got this place I´m searching for something to express.

This surprises me in a disturbing way. Why does what once was chainbreaking become a chain itself? Don´t missunderstand me, I like blogging. I just don´t understand why it has been getting harder through the years. And I wonder if it will be going on heading downwards…

4 Gedanken zu „Why blog?

  1. There is a further problem:
    In China did a bag rice fall down, or what is the matter?

    (With friendly assistance of Babel Fish.)

    Aber im Prinzip hast Du recht.

    Mmmh, ich wandere vielleicht doch nicht aus, der virtuelle Therapie- und Coachingmarkt besitzt durchaus Potential – man hat ja lange genug daran mitgearbeitet. 😉

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