The (My) Reason For WAMP

„Why would anybody want to use Apache, MySQL and PHP on a Windows-operated server?“ Surfing the web I run over this question quite frequently, if not often. At first thought this seems to be a good question. Windows brings you IIS and ASP and you could use Access-DBs or MSDE. Everything is more or less os-integrated and runs with quite a bit of administrative comfort.

In fact, I do use Windows, IIS and ASP. On one server. The other server runs on WAMP. There we host WordPress, phpBB, xt-commerce and some smaller apps. Now, what are the reasons, not to run php-based apps on linux, which would be more consequent and cheaper?

1. I administer Windows-OSes day in day out. I have tried on linux for some specialties, but did soon give up on that because I could not see a fair relation between the efforts to be put into gaining linux-knowledge and the resulting successes in means of useful applications. Mostly everything that can be achieved with linux can be achieved with Windows more easily (if you´re deep into Windows). Some things to be realised on Windows cost money while they don´t on linux, but then again the costs for buying the windows-related products are less than the costs that arise from having to establish and keep up uptodate linux-expertise. Further on, in most cases, time matters.

2. There is a variety of ready-to-run and excellent solutions in the world of php. WordPress, as to mention only one of them. There are also quite a few solutions in the asp-world. But the php-scene is x times bigger, the community is quicker and more active. So why not profit from that (and be part of that giving and taking)? At first I tried hard to run php-apps on IIS. Some functioned, some not, most not completely. Support was not at hand, because that scenery is the most unusual of all. So I decided to at least provide the AMP-Part.

Now I have the best of both worlds on one single server. A minor problem is though that there are some programmers in the open source scene that don´t stick to structured programming. Results are some of these apps don´t work flawlessly, on WP for example get-recent-comments, wp-cache and most-wanted. Seeking support the programmers dismiss you immediately after hearing you use WAMP. Blaming MS they reject having made any programming-error, even though you present evidence that the errormessage is a php-related one. Well, I suppose you just can´t get everything…

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